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Emotions Effect Our Health

We all know emotions effect our health.....   I mean how can they not?
If you're frightened or anxious adrenaline pumps through your entire body. If you're stressed your cortisol levels rise and you have trouble sleeping.
 If you're feeling depressed your energy levels can hardly get you out of bed in the morning.
I love the Eastern medicine approach to health that I first studied in Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayuverdic medicine have known for centuries the effects your emotions have on your health. How about fear and it’s affect on your kidneys or your large intestine? Frustrations effect on the bladder or resentment on the gallbladder?
When you are assessing your health, view yourself from all angles. Starting at the structural level with pathology and scans are a great place to begin. It makes just as much sense to look at your emotional, mental and spiritual self. They are an essential part of understanding your health problem.
In clinic I assess each client health problem from a physical/structural, electrical (nervous system), mental, emotional and spiritual. The information combined gives a unique pathway forward.
Be open to accepting yourself as an integrated individual. Your emotions and your thoughts do effect your health. I mean how can they not?

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