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Heat Stress

Anyone who has lived in Darwin for the long term understands heat stress.
Our wet seasons are officially longer and hotter, the dry seasons are not as cold.
Over time the heat can sap your energy and wear down your system.
Many Naturopaths would diagnose you with having adrenal exhaustion, and yes this is partly true because your adrenal glands do control your body's fluid balance (air conditioner).
 The truth is adrenal exhaustion is only part of the picture. Your body loses its thermal (hot/cold) rhythm. Your nervous system is also affected.
Air-conditioned office workers do get some relief from the heat. Trades and outdoor workers do not fair so well. These are the heat stressed people I see in my clinic. To help relief their symptoms it is important to identify the cause, in this case accumulated heat stress.
Swimming (when the water is cool enough) is a golden treatment here. When the water heats up during the build up create a cold bath/inflatable pool.
Always treat the cause of your illness or you will be kept busy chasing your symptoms.
Hot/cold Naturopathic Hydrotherapy treatments are very useful to help a wide range of conditions. I use these extensively in my clinic to support my client's health.
Best in health, Michelle :-)))


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