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Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

We have all been there....... At some point in our lives we have a medical condition which requires our special attention. If you like natural medicine you would probably have taken supplements to help heal your condition.
I think sometimes herbs and supplements can hinder healing. Why?
 It happens when we pin all of our hopes on the supplements to do all of the healing work.
Supplements don’t work on their own.
First of all you need to identify and remove your obstacles to your cure. For example a diabetic would remove the white refined foods (rice, pasta, white bread), an asthmatic would stop smoking,
Getting your body, mind, heart and lifestyle into balance create the ground work for the food ,supplements and herbs to do their healing work.
Herbs and supplements can be fantastic, supportive therapies for your health when used in conjunction with an overall health program!
If you have been following a supplement program for a while and you are not getting the results you want, review your program.


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