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How to Get the Most out of Your Iron Test

Iron Blood test

In order to get accurate blood results follow these directions:-

  • Iron test must be taken fasting
  • Fasting time must be between 5-12 hours any longer the iron levels in the blood start to climb
  • Avoid strenuous exercise 24 hours prior or test
  • Avoid taking iron supplements on the day and the day before 
  • If your GP will do it always get CRP measured in the same blood draw to help interpret ferritin levels more accurately.

Avoid Iron Sulphate Supplements

Medically prescribed iron supplements are often Iron sulphate and are very difficult to absorb. For many people iron sulphate can slow down the time it takes for you to pass your stool which can lead to constipation, turn stools dark, tarry colour and make the stool very sticky.

The reason for this is the sulphate disassociates in the large intestine and unfortunately it is poorly absorbed.

The iron supplement that works best for people depends on their condition (pregnant, anaemic, vegetarian etc), their diet, their digestive strength and how long they have had low iron more. One general rule though is to take iron on an empty stomach 30 minutes away from food.


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