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PeriMenopause, Menopause & Andropause

We all understand the massive changes steroid hormones create in the teenage years. Picture the teenager who rapidly changes in front of your eyes. Changes to body hair, increase in height and bone density, voice changes, smell, skin and behaviour are profound.
Picture the fourth decade of life when the influence of steroid hormones are winding down in the body, the changes can be just as profound for both men and women as the teenage years.
A whole array of significant health problems can arise at this turbulent hormonal shifting time. One of the most common one for women are thyroid problems.
Where in society do you see menopause and andropause changes acknowledged as a normal part of the life cycle? What education and services are available to mange and understand this profound life cycle change?
We all know the fourth and fifth decades are exceptionally busy times of life, so who has the time for these changes anyway is probably what many people are thinking?
Many people, mostly women, come into my clinic feeling like they are going crazy (just like a teenager does at times). Their aim often is to remedy their hot flushes, joint pain, troubles with sleeping, blood sugar and cholesterol problems, weight gain, lack of motivation and often anger.
Men book an appointment for muscle wasting, bladder problems, heart palpitations, lack of motivation and sex drive.
I share this information because I believe awareness is key. If we understand the impact hormonal changes can have at both ends of the life cycles then we can treat ourselves with a lot more kindness, patience and gentleness rather than labelling ourselves as we're just getting old.


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