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So you just found out that you are pregnant!   A million different feelings are streaming through you all at once excitement, joy, elation, nervous and often a little bit worried.  Whichever feeling is true for you there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your pregnancy is a life enhancing experience.  

The 9 months of pregnancy is full of rapid changes and different stages.  You are on a journey with a defined beginning and an end date.  There is many things to achieve and manage during this time frame both inside and outside you as you prepare for your baby.  

The female body is truly remarkable, highly intelligent and unbelievably incredible.  During pregnancy your body is a powerhouse supplying everything your baby needs to grow.  Your body knows how to grow your baby, you can trust in this. 

The number one rule of pregnancy is take care of yourself.  Your growing baby gets the nutrients she/he needs first from you, don't sell yourself short by not taking the measures to look after yourself. The basics apply here, drink enough water, eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and get enough sleep (in between toilet trips!)  There are also a few great foundation supplements you can take to help create a great pregnancy.

Each stage of pregnancy can and often for some does bring possible challenges, that often with careful management you can overcome and stay healthy.  These range from morning sickness, threatened miscarriage, thyroid problems, sleep problems, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, anaemia, thrush, UTIs, leg cramps, swelling, fatigue, reflux, constipation and many, many more.   

I remember my two pregnancies with deep fondness.  The feeling of life moving inside is a beautiful experience. I love when I have the opportunty to care and advise pregnant clients.  It is an absolute joy and privilege to be part of your journey to motherhood. 

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