You are what you eat, digest, assimilate and utilise!


We are what we eat, digest, utilise and assimilate.  It all starts with nutrition.

There are many different diets available.  Which one will work best for you?

The truth is different diets suit different people dependent on their age, their heritage, the place where they live, what is currently happening in their life (pregnancy, diabetes, stress, athlete, etc) and any illness they are enduring.

Diets travel in trends. Sound dietary principles remain constant. Establishing what works best for you body is the key to enjoying great health.

Some of the diets I work with clients in clinic include:-

FODMAPs, Elimination diet, Histamine free, gluten free, dairy free, weight loss diets, SIBO, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, yeast free, rotation diet, detoxification and alkalising diets, liver cleansing diet, additive free. The list is endless!!

Each diet is tailored to suit each client.

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