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Supplements & Compounding

Naturopathic Practitioner Only Products and Supplement Compounding - A Great Combination!

I see it all the time. People come into my clinic with a whole bag of supplements they have self prescribed or been recommended by a practitioner. They roll them out onto the table and tell me "this one was to help me with my morning joint pain, I take this one for my thyroid, this one for my headaches I get around my period, I have this to strengthen my immune system and I can't remember why I take this now but I just take it in the morning...."

Some supplements will help and many won't.  Unfortunately many of the supplements on the general market do not have a high enough therapeutic dose to reach health goals. 

Supplements prescribed and formulated by a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner take into account your unique health needs and personalise your program.  Practitioner only supplements are not available over the counter at the chemist.  

Compounding is the art of combining individual therapeutic ingredients tailored to the clients specific needs.  It reduces the number of individual supplements and makes it cheaper.  Compounding is a call back to the days when all medicines were customised rather than standarised.  

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