Herbal Medicine

Herbs are gifts from mother nature that can help you heal!

Western Herbalism

Western Herbal Medicine is effective, it get’s results.  The use of herbal medicine has been around for centuries.  
Herbal teas and herbal tinctures offer a very real “alternative” to pharmaceutical medications without the side effects.  The options available within the herbal healing chest are enormous.  Chances are there is one that can help you with your health concern.   Some examples include:-
  • Adrenal Tonic herbs licorice and rehmannia can be used to recharge your adrenal glands which helps relieve fatigue
  • Analgesic herbs can be used to help relief pain, Californian Poppy and Corydalis 
  • Antacid, Mother’s Nature’s gift to helping to couteract or neutralisesacidity in the gastrointestinal tract – Meadowsweet 
  • Anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal these herbs work beautifully in overcoming the increasing number of parasitic infections in society, for example Thyme and Elderberry
  • Cardio tonic herbs such as Hawthorn Berries and Motherwort can help to improve the force of contraction of the heart. 
  • Galactogogues are a group of herbs that can help struggling mother’s keep up their milk production supply to their baby.  Herbs that can assist here are Fennel, Goat’s Rue and Shatavari
  • Hormonal Balancing herbs to help with PMS, present tenderness, heavy periods and infertility, Shatavari, Paeonia, Chaste Tree
  • Mood modulating, anti-depressant, carminative herb include St John’s Wort, Lavender and Schisandra
    Partus preparator: a substance taken in preparation for labour and childbirth, Raspberry Leaf
These are just a few of the herbs available to you to assist you to regain your health and vigour for life.  In my dispensary I have over 70 different herbal tinctures and dried herbs.  Most people have a multitude of health problems occuring simultaneously, herbal tinctures can be individually selected to suit each clients needs.  

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